The new haredi warriors

Who are the hardakim? And why are they coming under attack from their community?

HAREDI YOUTH participate in a protest against the draft
Photo by: Marc Israel Sellem
Anonymous death threats sent to haredi (ultra-Orthodox) soldiers and police recruits serving in the Israel Defense Forces warn that an all-out war will be fought at the “right time and place,” if these members of the haredi community in Israel choose not to abandon their military bases and discard their “tamei [ritually unclean]” uniforms.

The arrangement between the IDF and the haredi community since the establishment of the state means that most haredi conscripts can be exempted from army service just because they are full time yeshiva students. Those who choose to enlist form a small minority of potential recruits from the haredi population: 1,300 out of 40 000.

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