Israeli cyber warriors high in demand

From newspapers across the continent, Europeans are clamoring to work with the ‘Start-up Nation'.

Photo by: Courtesy IDF
While the Iranian ship headed for Gaza was the main story last week, stories in European press also unveiled a demand for Israeli “cyber warfare” and start-up competence. With ever more drones and unmanned robots with missile-dodging lasers joining the battlegrounds, “cyber warfare,” and “Israeli cyber competence” seems to catch attention in European media outlets. While the ability to sabotage industries or gain information is of strategic importance, so far people wanting to see combat units engaging in “warfare,” on any epic digital battlefield, risk being disappointed.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of Kaspersky Labs – one of the leading computer safety companies in the world – stated that: “With today’s attacks, you are clueless about who did it or when they will strike again. It’s not cyber-war, but cyber-terrorism.”

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