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Publicizing the miracle
January 30, 2014 15:57
There is a theory that the stone with the carving once belonged to another building; this argument has been used to suggest that it is a Christian symbol, not a Jewish one.

The Engraving of the hanukkia. (photo credit:CONCHA JAMBRINA LEAL)

As one enters the church of San Idelfonso in Zamora there is a carving on a mason’s stone to the left, depicting a hanukkia. Thus, the carving, discovered in 2008, is on the right when one exits, which would fit in with the mitzva to publicize the festival of Hanukka by placing the hanukkia close to a building’s entrance, on the side opposite the mezuza – traditionally placed on the right doorpost as one enters a building.

The bottom part of this hanukkia consists of a large cross with smaller crosses attached to it.


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