The Opel Cascada

A beautiful, comfor table but expensive car has succeeded in upgrading Opel’s image

Photo by: Courtesy
Just when things were looking up for Opel in Germany at the end of the previous decade, the skies suddenly darkened and the company almost went bankrupt. Right then, Opel launched the new and beautiful Astra, a car similar to the Golf Volkswagen or a Vauxhall Insignia – and this was just what the company needed to get back on its feet.

But then the 2008 economic crisis hit, and swept General Motors (Opel’s parent company) up into the eye of the storm. General Motors (GM) was facing bankruptcy and its new owners (the US government) had no interest in bailing it out so its European employees would have a place to go to work. And so GM began plans to sell Opel. The automobile manufacturer remained on the market for a long time and luckily, GM stabilized and became profitable more quickly than expected. As a result, GM’s plans to sell Opel were shelved.

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