The first ladies of tech

With apps like and companies like DMG and WiShi, women are making inroads into hitech – and bringing their substantial technological know-how and motivation with them.

Liat Mordechay Hertanu
Photo by: COURTESY OF 24.ME
What does the “Start-up Nation” need to do in order to mature into the “Innovation Nation”? That is the million- dollar question that movers and shakers in Israel’s booming tech ecosystem are always asking themselves.

While everyone is familiar with Israel’s entrepreneurial prowess and the mind-boggling exits that follow – case in point: Google’s acquisition of Waze last year for over $1 billion – what needs to happen in order for there to be an Israeli multinational giant? There are many answers, ranging from tax breaks for companies that choose to stay in Israel to encouraging schools to place a heavier emphasis on subjects like computer engineering. But there is one invaluable resource that remains largely untapped: Women.

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