‘Keep fighting for Israel, even when it’s difficult’

Alex Ryvchin’s ‘The Anti-Israel Agenda’ explores the movements trying to undermine the Jewish state.

August 10, 2017 20:26
Manifestants pro-BDS à Berlin

BDS activists in Berlin. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Alex Ryvchin, an Australian lawyer, writer and advocate, has long seen the power of a variety of movements seeking to delegitimize the Jewish state. As the director of public affairs at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Ryvchin has worked to counter many of the narratives pervading media and politics today. To that end, he compiled The Anti-Israel Agenda, a collection of essays from prominent thinkers and activists who expose the various movements working against Israel. The contributors include Alan Dershowitz, Col.

Richard Kemp and Hillel Neuer.


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