Philippine comfort food

In addition to the familiar coconut products – grated coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut water – the locals produce coconut vinegar, coconut sap sugar and frozen coconut puree.

April 22, 2015 14:46
Beef Shank soup

Beef Shank soup with corn and baby bok choy.. (photo credit: YAKIR LEVY)

At a press party in Beverly Hills to launch Food Philippines, which promotes exports from that tropical island country, we tasted some of its culinary classics. We enjoyed a hearty Philippine breakfast of fried rice dotted with vegetables and bits of egg, accompanied by grilled beef, grilled butterflied milkfish and sweet sausages. A highlight was a Philippine favorite, chicken adobo, in which the chicken is cooked with vinegar, garlic, bay leaves and sometimes soy sauce; the adobo we tasted was also flavored with fresh ginger and garnished with diced tomatoes and chives. (See recipe.)

“Popularly regarded as the Filipino national dish,” wrote Gerry G. Gelle, author of Filipino Cuisine, “adobo is both a specific dish and a method of cooking” in which foods are braised in vinegar with garlic and pepper.


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