Singing in Melody

The entire ensemble has been in the midst of rehearsals for the past year in Tel Aviv.

May 25, 2017 09:38
2 minute read.

Musicians Haggi Goren and Nizar El-Khater (at the piano) – Bringing Fairuz to the Israeli audience. (photo credit: Courtesy)

In the spirit of seeking coexistence and mutual understanding through creative endeavors, the Near Eastern Voices Project uses local voices from the Gary Bertini Israel Choir chamber singers to create a unique aural experience for a global audience. By fusing sounds and musical styles from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Yemen with traditional Western musical compositions and instruments, the project hopes to break down barriers and give audiences something they have never heard before.

The project is headed by musical director Haggi Goren. The idea first came to him in 2014, following Operation Protective Edge, when the atmosphere in Israel was “full of hatred and polarity.” Compelled to fix the situation the only way he knew how, he began searching for a way not only to share Arabic and Oriental songs with Israelis, but also to fuse them with Western musical influences and styles to create a new musical experience, hopefully to bring Israelis and Arabs together through mutual appreciation of music.


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