Travel down under this

May 4, 2017 10:18

spring Surprising sights and diversions make Mitzpe Ramon a popular and rewarding tourist destination this time of year.

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Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center

A leap of faith at the rappelling station at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center. (photo credit: ELI PECHTER)

Mitzpe Ramon is home to some of the most amazing natural phenomena we have in our tiny country. This is the best time of year for both amateur and more seasoned hikers to head down south to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the abundance of incredible trails. In addition to all the short and long trails in the Ramon Crater that are much more enjoyable to walk along before the summer heat sets in, Mitzpe Ramon is developing as a city and there are now a number of activities available for couples, singles and families.

Alpaca Farm
One of the most veteran attractions in the area, the Alpaca Farm, still draws large numbers of visitors. On this secluded farm, which enjoys a great reputation for a good reason, you'll find a variety of alpacas, horses and goats.


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