‘Tulip will continue to be a premium brand’

August 14, 2014 11:22

An interview with Tulip CEO Roy Itzhaki, on his decision to sell 50% of the winery and go into partnership with powerful businessman Dudi Weissman.

3 minute read.


Roy Itzhaki, owner and CEO of Tulip Winery.. (photo credit:Courtesy)

Shortly after selling 50 percent of the Tulip winery to Alon Group CEO Dudi Weissman for an estimated NIS 20 million, winery owner and CEO Roy Itzhaki tells the story behind the scenes of the transaction.

“Five minutes into the first meeting, we felt like it was love at first sight. I do not fear that my power will be limited – exactly the opposite,” he says. “I know that going into a 50-50 partnership sounds like a bad idea, but my chemistry with Weissman is so amazing, it feels like we are getting married. We want to be equal partners and make every decision together.”


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