Viennese Jewish culture lives on

August 30, 2017 19:54

The postwar community in Vienna has undergone a steady process of flux and evolution, with many of the current Jewish population coming from the former Soviet Union.

(State Synagogue) in Vienna

ROMAN GRINBERG conducts the Vienna Jewish Choir at the Stadttempel (State Synagogue) in Vienna. . (photo credit: OURIEL MORGENSZTERN)

Austrian Jewry, like all communities across Europe, has had its ups and downs. Over the centuries there have been rulers who actively encouraged Jews to take a full role in local financial and even political affairs.

And, of course, there have been downright antisemitic monsters who caused the community no end of trouble – including expulsion, execution and even permitting only the firstborn of each Jewish family to marry to keep the Jewish birthrate in check.


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