Getting under the covers

Former Hed Arzi album designers Rafi Dayagi and Oded Klein exhibit their stunning work in Holon.

Photo by: ODED KLEIN
There are music fans of a certain vintage – especially those less enamored with the wonders of advanced technology – who still mourn the introduction of the CD to the market, which largely pushed the LP to the back shelf of consumer interest. You could probably include Rafi Dayagi and Oded Klein in that category.

(For anyone who may not know, LP stands for long-playing record, with the large ones played at 33 revolutions per minute; as opposed to a “single” with one song on each side, played at 45 rpm.) Until 20 or so years ago, Dayagi and Klein made much of their bread from producing eye-catching covers for albums, both of the vinyl long-playing variety, and of the more compact digital ilk. Dayagi created the works of art, and Klein photographed them. Twenty-two fruits of their joint labor-of-love can be viewed at the “Our Record” exhibition, which will run at Beit Meirov Arts Center in Holon until March 8.

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