Drawing on Jerusalem

A wide range of perspectives on the Holy City is presented in the display "Many Faces of Jerusalem."

May 19, 2017 15:58
Jerusalem Day exhibition

Michel Kichka presents his beloved Jerusalem as is – warts and all. (photo credit: MICHEL KICHKA)

Jerusalem Day, especially in the jubilee year of the Six Day War and the reunification of the east and west sectors of the city, is awash with official state and municipal events. With all the pomp and circumstance, it is easy to lose sight of street-level reality. As politicians and others make stirring speeches and people march through the city waving banners and flags, how many of us keep tabs on what it is really like to live in this ancient fair city of ours? Should you pop along to the Israeli Cartoon Museum in Holon, you could get just such an elemental handle on the zeitgeist at the eastern end of the Jerusalem- Tel Aviv section of Highway 1, in a definitively user friendly and smile-inducing way.

“People, in general, may have a negative view of Jerusalem – you know, all the political problems with conflict between Arabs and Jews, haredim and secular Jews, and so on,” notes museum Director of Education Amnon Silber. “We want to show that Jerusalem is full of wonderful things. It is a dynamic and growing city with lots things going on. That’s what the exhibition wants to show.”


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