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Battle in the Negev

December 5, 2013 14:08

In the aftermath of "Day of Rage" protests, a spectrum of groups condemns the Prawer-Begin bill.

A soldier pushes back a Palestinian protester after protests against plans to resettle Beduin.

Beduin resettlemnt protest IDF 521. (photo credit:Reuters)

Condemnation of the Prawer-Begin Plan for Beduin resettlement in the Negev, which is currently being debated in the Knesset, has brought unlikely unity among different groups in opposition of the bill, but with a large variance of opinion.

In the aftermath of protests last week, which saw violent clashes at the Hura Junction in the Negev, in east Jerusalem and in Haifa, those in opposition to the Prawer- Begin Plan were split over whether the bill magnified a dispute over land claims that should be settled legally, or if this was part of Israel’s ongoing discrimination not only against Beduin, but against all Arab minorities in the Jewish state.


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