Benchmark of style

Style coach Elana Shap and photographer Natalie Muallem track down street fashion on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard.

Angeless Style
Photo by: Natalie Muallem
A new year is a perfect opportunity to review your look. If you always wear the same colors, fabrics and cuts you could well be in a style rut. So, take some time to see if the image you portray through your clothing reflects who you are now, if what you wear suits your present lifestyle and how you can update your wardrobe. One way to start is by noticing how other people dress and picking up tips you can adapt for yourself.

Ageless Style

This Tel Aviv grandmother (who prefers not to give us her name) loves her collection of sunglasses and the trendy Prada pair she is wearing today is one of her favorites. Her ’50s-style polka-dot handbag adds a burst of color and fun to her youthful look as do the jeans and turquoise T-shirt.

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