Dating Games: That awkward silence

Two people trying to avoid silence by talking too much or asking too many questions is a recipe for disaster.

November 1, 2012 13:11
4 minute read.

Cartoon 521. (photo credit: Pepe Fainberg)

When men complain about dates with Jewish women, the women usually fall into one of two categories: the incessant talker and the persistent inquirer. Men consider these to be two of Jewish women’s stereotypical negative traits. Trying to carry a conversation is not a Jewish characteristic (or even necessarily a woman’s characteristic); rather, it is a trait of someone sitting on a first date full of nerves and scared of that awkward silence.

The incessant talker is the woman who talks about herself (or anything else) so much that just about anyone (a date, a relative, a complete stranger) could be sitting across from her.


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