Moving to the periphery

Young families are leaving busy city life for a quieter escape at the edge of the country.

A home and a half-dunam of land costs families NIS 150,000.
Photo by: Or Movement
The ill-maintained Road 316, with deep potholes and narrow margins, winds its way through the Negev, beginning in the Beduin village of Hura, whose mosques tower over the squat homes. But on a positive note, the vistas from this road are beautiful and constantly change from kilometer to kilometer. It then passes through rocky desert, the dense Yatir Forest south of the Hebron Hills, and ends near Sussiya.

But then all of a sudden there is a loud boom, and my companion and I realize that one of the tires didn’t survive the rough road, and it’s almost completely torn. We jack up the car to put on the spare tire, and for the fourth time, someone pulls over and asks if we need help.

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