Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of FEBRUARY 28, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: With the lines of communication now open once again, you can feel free to renew personal connections and begin working on new projects.

Tadpole Nebula 12,000 lightyears from Earth.
Photo by: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters

Takes some time to get away to a quiet place where you can think and plan. You have put your own needs on hold for too long, and this is the week for taking care of personal business. You know what you want, and now is the time for creating the path you will take towards achieving your goal. Past insecurities no longer confine you, as you realize just how much you have grown and accomplished. This is also a good week for socializing, as you attract people with your intelligence, wit and charisma.

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