The allure of the city by the bay

March 7, 2013 16:52

A small immigrant shift is taking place in Haifa. What does the city have to offer Anglos that other urban areas do not?

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Haifa: The German Colony Quarter

Haifa German Colony 521 . (photo credit:Itamar Grinberg)

Many would say it is hard to find English-speakers in Haifa – that although one can hear English spoken occasionally in public, it does not happen often. So it may come as a surprise that there are over 700 members of the “Haifa Young English Speakers” Facebook group.

"At an HYES pub night recently – an event held once or twice a month – several dozen people crowded into the dimly lit, cozy student bar and restaurant Nola Socks, located near the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology." It was a diverse and well educated group. Many studied at the Technion.


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