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August 13, 2014 17:15
Aspiring reporters from abroad discover Israel during war; hailing from Brazil, Hungary, France, Canada, US, group of students, some already working in the media, take part in three-week program.

Journalism students pose for a photo at the offices of Galei Israel radio station.. (photo credit:TAZPIT)

While it is common knowledge that much of mainstream news coverage of Israel is fraught with controversy, especially during times of war and conflict, there is a new journalism internship program in Israel that is trying to change the often one-sided reporting.

Amid rockets, sirens and Iron Dome interceptions, six aspiring international journalists made their way across Israel, learning to read the country in the midst of a war. Hailing from Brazil, Hungary, France, Canada and the US, the group of student journalists, some already working in the media world, participated in a unique three-week journalism program called Get to News.


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