City Notes: Haifa residents protest oil refineries’ expansion plans

January 16, 2014 14:43

After thousands of objections against the refinery expansion program were filed, the Interior Ministry appointed an official to examine the objections.

Oil drilling platform.

Oil drilling platform 370. (photo credit:Lee Celano/Reuters)


Dozens of Haifa residents protested on Sunday morning against an application submitted by Oil Refineries Ltd. to expand building plans. Concerned residents and green activists demonstrated ahead of a preliminary hearing of the District Planning and Construction representatives at the government offices. Protest organizer of the environmental Green Course organization, Omri Pearl, said: “We are gathered here today to say to the state, municipalities and oil refineries, that we have been suffering for years here [from] different illnesses, including cancer and asthma, significantly more than the national average. It is impossible to live here anymore! And it’s not enough that the refiners want to grow three times in size without saying what they want to build, how much [they] want to build and what the health effects will be. Do they think we will just accept it quietly? Then we are saying, clearly, that will be not be quiet, we will no longer soak up the dangerous substances and pollution in the Haifa Bay. We are not the state’s trash can for hazardous substances.”


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