Six reasons to have a seasonal diet

Eating what's in season means eating what's local, benefiting the planet - and you.

August 11, 2017 02:32
Israeli vegan food

Israeli vegan food. (photo credit: MICHAELA BANK TWEETO)

Israel’s marketplaces present a different experience every day: different people, different noises, and most notably different foods. Fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh every morning, and their supply fluctuates greatly throughout the year. Different produce goes out of season as other produce becomes available; in the summer, shuk vendors offer piles of tomatoes, cucumbers, nectarines and more, but only a small amount of bananas. In the fall, however, bananas can be found at almost every stall as nectarines slowly disappear.

This trend may be unusual for those who frequent grocery stores instead of markets. But it is common in Israel, and is a big part of the food awareness movement that has become popular around the world, especially in Israel.


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