The changing face of Jerusalem

Reflections on the capital and the changes it underwent over the years.

May 19, 2017 16:02
The Six Day War

At the Western Wall during the Six Day War, Israeli soldiers hold two Arabs for questioning. (photo credit: BAMAHANE/IDF WEEKLY JUNE 12 1967 ISSUE)

The first time I came to Jerusalem in the mid- 1960s, the city was still divided. There was a corrugated iron fence at the end of Jaffa Road just beyond the building that served as the Jerusalem town hall from 1930 to 1993. The main post office was there, inaugurated in 1938, and while it no longer houses only a post office, it remains as one of four stately buildings in the area constructed during the period of the British Mandate.

The area where the Mamilla Mall stands and leads to the Jaffa Gate was no-man’s-land, and the Mandelbaum Gate – a hop, skip and jump from Mea She’arim – was a checkpoint for people crossing into or out of Jordan.


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