The German wife of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has fled the territory controlled by the organization in Iraq, arousing a commotion within the organization's leadership, Iraqi media reported on Sunday.

The wife, Diane Kruger, has reportedly fled ISIS territory accompanied by two girls who helped her, and her current location is not known. Following the incident, Baghdadi appointed a special emergency force to look for her, ordering the fighters to arrest Kruger and the people with her.

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According to the reports, Kruger served as the head of ISIS' women’s department, where she administered women's day to day life in ISIS-controlled territories and issued sharia-based decrees relating to women.

Iraqi media also reported that Baghdadi's wife was in charge of a special military camp for women ISIS had established in the city of Kirkuk in order to train women to carry out suicide operations.

The ISIS leader reportedly married Kruger in October 2015 in the province of Ninawa. Following the marriage, German intelligence services provided their Iraqi counterparts with information regarding Kruger.


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