At the touch of a button, iNakba provides information on Palestinian population centers that were abandoned during the War of Independence.

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An Israeli organization that promotes information related to Palestinian Nakba Day, which is observed by many Palestinians on Israel’s Independence Day, has determined to promote its message this year in three languages, with a mobile phone application it is calling iNakba.

According to the website of Zochrot (“Remembering”), the nongovernmental organization has been promoting “Israeli Jewish society’s acknowledgment of, and accountability for, the ongoing injustices of the Nakba and the reconceptualization of return of Palestinian refugees,” since 2002.

Zochrot promotes the iNakba app on its website and on YouTube, where it is advertised as “allowing users to locate and learn about Palestinian localities destroyed during, and as a result of, the Nakba since 1948.”

In its online promotion, the organization says that users can use the app to learn about Palestinian land “destroyed in the Nakba since 1948,” upload photos, share thoughts and feelings and contribute to updating data.