Three suspects were arrested on Friday on Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi for planning an attack on an Israel Land Authority clerk who distributed demolition orders for illegal structures in the West Bank.

The three are residents of the West Bank settlements of Talmon near Ramallah and Shadmot-Mehola.

The suspects were arrested with posters protesting the work of the Israel Land Authority as well as two containers of gasoline. A spokesperson for The Settlers Committee in Samaria denied the criminal intent of the suspects and said that the gasoline was for their own personal use.

The Nazareth Magistrates Court on Friday decided to release the three suspects while police continues investigating the case.

In a separate incident on Friday, 30 fruit trees were uprooted from a nursery in the Arab town of Kfar Kassem. At the site of the vandalism was a sign that read "Regards from Esh Kodesh."

Esh Kodesh is a West Bank outpost, where on Tuesday morning the IDF had destroyed 200 olive trees that had been planted without authorization.

Meanwhile, police arrested seven settlers, four minors and three adults who were involved in the suspected price tag attack that was foiled in the village of Kusra earlier this week. The Jerusalem Magistrates court was set to rule on Friday whether to extend their remand.

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