The crime rate among foreigners in Israel is lower than that of the general public, according to research compiled by the Knesset Interior Committee.

In a paper written this week, the committee says "From 2011-2012 there has been an increase in the number of crimes committed by foreigners in Israel but the percentage of crime among them is still lower than that among the general population."

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It does add that there was a rise in crime committed by foreigners in 2011-2012.

The paper adds that among the estimated 250,000 foreigners living in Israel the percentage jailed for disturbing the peace and drug offenses is similar to that of the general public while “when it comes to robbery, property crimes, and sexual assault and violent crimes, the percentage of foreigners jailed is lower than the general population."

The paper does not distinguish foreigners by country or origin or differentiate between foreign workers and asylum seekers.

The paper added that the Yiftach district of Israel police, which covers south Tel Aviv, the Central Bus Station and Jaffa, has seen the highest increase in the number of crimes committed by foreigners, which account for 13.5% of crimes in their district.