The Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced Tuesday that it will hold a 24-hour learning marathon for prospective student candidates on April 30.

Set to begin Wednesday at 10 a.m., the event will be open to students registering for the 2014-15 academic year, and marks the first time such an event will take place at an Israeli university.

Participants will sit in the auditorium at the Senate Hall on the university’s Mount Scopus campus and listen to dozens of lectures around the clock across faculties on a myriad of topics. Among the subjects will be the unconscious mind, the effect of missile threats on the real estate market in Israel, prime numbers and how to market academia.

Following 24 hours of lectures, participants will take a quiz on their content. Each participant is required to remain in the auditorium for the full 24 hours, and will only be given short scheduled breaks, to be eligible for the grand prize. The winner of the 24-hour marathon will be exempt from paying tuition for a year. The university will provide participants with food, drinks and moral support.

“The Hebrew University is holding this event to give student candidates a taste of what awaits them here at Israel’s leading university,” said Ofra Ash, head of marketing and communications at the Hebrew University.

“Over the course of 24 hours they will learn from some of the world’s top experts about a variety of topics, while at the same time confronting a test of physical and mental endurance that is at times a part of student life. This marathon has not been done in Israel before, and we are very excited to launch it,” Ash said.

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