A total of six bombs, complete with detonators and ready to for use, were seized by police investigators from the Central District this week.

Police said the bombs were ready for underworld killings that would have been carried out in the coming days.

The first seizure was made Tuesday, when detectives from the Central District’s YAMAR unit raided a house in Taiba, east of Kfar Saba, seizing four bombs that were ready for use.

The Central District said investigators on Wednesday made their way to southern Tel Aviv, where they found two large bombs complete with remote-controlled detonators hidden in an apartment on Ben-Tzvi Street.

Police hauled in one suspect yesterday they said was connected to the apartment in Tel Aviv. The 51-year-old Holon resident was ordered to be kept in custody until next week.

Police say they suspect the seized explosives were meant to be used to settle scores between underworld figures and that the raids helped prevent the next explosion.

Since last October, there have been more than a dozen car bombs linked to organized crime gangs, as well as a steady stream of grenade attacks.

Police chief Yohanan Danino has made stopping the explosives a top priority but police have been stymied by the high sophistication of the bomb-makers and the difficulty in determining who is making the explosives.