A suspected mid-level drug dealer was arrested in his Jerusalem apartment Monday night after detectives uncovered a sizable stash of hashish and marijuana plants and about NIS 300,000 in cash hidden in an adjacent drug lab, police said on Tuesday.

According to police spokesman Supt. Micky Rosenfeld, following a protracted investigation into the 30-year-old suspect’s drug trafficking activities, undercover detectives found multiple hashish and marijuana plants valued at NIS 15,000 in a warehouse adjacent to his apartment.

Police found the cash hidden amid sophisticated irrigation and growing equipment used to produce the highly cultivated drugs.

“The suspect admitted to selling the drugs and was arrested at the scene,” said Rosenfeld. “It was a quick arrest and warrants have been issued for people in contact with the dealer.”

Rosenfeld said the dealer worked independently, and is not part of a larger drug ring.

“The investigation is ongoing and we will be making arrests of his buyers shortly,” he said.

The suspect was arraigned at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court Tuesday afternoon, where he was remanded by a court order.

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