QUIZ: Gadot, Qatar, and Mideast rifts

June 8, 2017 18:06

Test your news knowledge with a quiz on two of this week's most popular topics: Gal Gadot and Qatar.

Gal Gadot wonder

Gal Gadot stars as the fierce Amazon warrior princess out to save the world in ‘Wonder Woman'. (photo credit:COURTESY OF SHALMOR PR)

The Mideast made global headlines this week for two reasons. One - a female superhero breaking box office records who is unwelcome in certain Arab countries, and two - a small country in the Gulf that was rocked when Arab nations severed ties. We wanted to take a moment to distinguish between which countries are anti-Qatar, and which countries are anti-Gadot.


The only question we still have is, what's with all the Gadot hate?! Let us know your thoughts below.

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