OMAR SHAKIR, Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine director, looks up before a hearing at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem in September

Know Comment: While jihadists target Israel,the EU is busy bashing Israel

The ECJ-EU action came the same week that Iran resumed uranium enrichment at the Fordow underground nuclear plant.
‘WE NEVER met our Polish family, as all the remaining members were shipped in cattle cars to Treblinka and murdered there.’

Jews are not welcome

AN OLD map presents Europe in the shape of a queen holding scepter and orb, with Portugal as her crown, Spain as her face, France as her belowthe- neck area, lower Germany and Denmark as her left arm, Italy as her right arm (with Sicily as orb), and the rest of central and eastern Europe as the dres

Shame on Europe

People attend a national gathering to protest antisemitism and the rise of antisemitic attacks in France

Survivors, scholars say threat of another Holocaust is not to be ignored

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