Israel’s rich biblical history can be found in the country’s archaeology. The Jerusalem Post shares the latest on archaeological excavations at significant biblical and historical sites in Israel and the region.

Third Crusade site where Christian forces defeated Muslim army identified

Framework used to pinpoint site involves historical records, archaeological remains, and environmental studies.

Underwater bricks show skills of prehistoric inhabitants of Israel

Atlit Yam and Bene Beraq – located in the Sharon Plain - date back to the pre-pottery Neolithic C, when pottery was not manufactured yet.

Christian, Muslim symbols found in 7th century shipwreck in Israel

Moreover, the ship also offers important insights in terms of ship construction techniques.

Could archeology and modern medicine help validate the Bible?

"The observation of a unique medical condition and the discovery of a related archaeological object could help explain one of the most bizarre accounts in the Bible."

Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv and the battle over Israel’s biblical archaeology

"Some think that the history of Israel should be written only by relying on sources outside the Bible."

What happens to West Bank archaeological sites under Trump’s plan?

Here are some of the archaeological sites located in the West Bank.

A team of archaeologists, led by Prof. Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Insti
Trump peace plan puts hundreds of biblical sites under Palestinian rule

There are about 6,000 sites of historical and archaeological importance in the parts of Area C that are supposed to transfer to the Palestinians on July 1.

Archaeologists reveal ancient Israel ‘prehistoric snack’

The findings of their research were published in the academic journal Scientific Reports on Wednesday.

New study dates Temple arch at 2,000-years-old

The research also led to the discovery of a previously unknown theater-like structure.

The enigma behind the 1,500-year-old Christian communities in the Negev

Remains of over 180 houses were also revealed by the researchers, together with many agricultural installations including dams, cisterns, wine presses and a pigeon tower.

Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old unique complex by the Western Wall

The structure was sealed later in the Byzantine period under the floors of a large building about 1,400 years ago and was left untouched for centuries.

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