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Is a duck always a duck? In the legal system, not always

There is always the possibility that something that looks and quacks like a duck is not a duck at all.


Reichman U. students compete at intellectual property contest in UK

Reichman law students Aseel Kasab and Shira Shturman were selected to take part and made it past the initial written phase of the competition.   

Did Likud break the law by offering Silman a spot?

Silman was reportedly offered the 10th spot on the Likud Party's list and a ministerial position in return for her leaving the coalition.

  The Bible

Christian student sues his school for religious discrimination

"This is a blatant violation of his first amendment rights.”

New Basic Law on defendant’s rights tops Sa’ar’s list of bills

These are the nine bills and laws that Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar has pushed in his time in office:

Approximately 170,000 Americans live in Israel.

Foreign workers’ levy repealed — How does it effect you? - opinion

The foreign workers levy was a payroll tax over and above income tax and national insurance. Now this levy won’t apply starting with the January 2022 payroll.


Law banning photoshop in advertising passes preliminary reading in Knesset

According to the proposed Photoshop Law, violators of the law will be fined up to hundreds of thousands of shekels which will then be donated toward eating disorder treatment centers.

Knesset passes law exempting Olympic medals from taxes

The new law grandfathers in medal winners from last year.


Israel needs the resolve to fight Arab crime despite criticism - opinion

Galut Syndrome is the term for a behavior that implicitly recognizes one’s own powerlessness and lack of free determination.

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