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High Court considers ordering state inquiry into Case 3000

Lawyers debate if alleged PM crimes had expired.

The lawless streets of Kafr Aqab and Israel

What happens in Kafr Aqab is no different from Lod or other parts of the country, where crime families brazenly open fire at one another even when police are right nearby.


Knesset approves regulations aiding handicapped rights in emergency

No longer will bus drivers flee, leaving behind disabled passengers, an adviser to the Defense Ministry said.

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Net

Haredi journalist sheds light on Netanyahu slander scandal

The scandal on the episode involved Ariel Roth, one of the prime minister's defense attorneys, who was reportedly recorded conspiring against Netanyahu in a meeting.

Israeli prison guards sit beside Yigal Amir (C), the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin

Yigal Amir to court: The personal law against me is wrong

His lawyer, Yoram Sheftel, told N12 that “the hour had come to free Yigal Amir.”

An illustrative photo of a Jewish wedding in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Israeli government's ploy to prevent marriages through consulates

This is not just an issue that concerns Israelis, for it also concerns Diaspora Jewry.

Jay Sekulow

Who are the Biden and Trump lawyers slugging it out? - Opinion

While Trump’s lawyers might not be as famous, they are certainly busy.


Inconsistency on int’l law, history underpin Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

The complexity of the dispute has implications for many other similar conflicts • The Golan Heights is part of Syria not because of some ancient connection, but because France and the UK decided so.

Israeli legal adviser appointed vice chair of UN Legal Affairs Committee

Sarah Weiss Maudi is the first Israeli woman to ever hold this position, and will represent the Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG) of nations in the committee.

Alan Dershowitz

The Biblical command to pursue justice is as relevant today as it ever was

My bar mitzvah portion 69 years ago commanded we pursue ‘justice, justice.’

Israeli, UAE law firms to collaborate on framework for business ties

The presentations will largely focus on taxation, banking, the structure of the legal system and business opportunities in their respective countries.


Parashat Shoftim: Kingship – for a fair justice system

The king is not a god and has no special rights.

The law courts in Tel Aviv

Coronavirus has upended family law in Israel

There are more laws regulating family relationships than almost any other sphere of law.


A good guide to wills and inheritance in Israel

This book is a unique guide for the perplexed on the complicated matter of wills and inheritance in Israel, that need expertise and individual consultation by a certified professional.

A protester holds a sign with the names of various indigenous tribes during a demonstration to deman

Ecuador indigenous group holds hostage, demand corpse

Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo said the man died of COVID-19 and was subsequently buried in accordance with international protocols for handling corpses amid the pandemic.


Netanyahu claims A-G Mandelblit attempting to ‘conspire’ against him

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Mandelblit’s “scheme to overthrow government” had been “exposed.”

A screen capture of the live stream feed from a hearing at the High Court of Justice

High Court finally publicizes its conflict of interest list

Justices were under attack for alleged double-standard.

Shas, UTJ MKs support LGBTQ hate crime victims bill

The bill, submitted by Israel Resilience Party MK Eitan Ginzburg, is meant to help support victims of terror attacks, but includes LGBTQ victims of hate crimes.

IDF soldiers in the Paratrooper Brigades take part in an evacuation drill

IDF paratrooper gets community service for killing Palestinian

The soldier might not have been prosecuted if he had shot the Palestinian a few moments earlier, before the Palestinian started to flee.

US Supreme Court endorses gay, transgender worker protections

The 6-3 ruling represented the biggest moment for LGBT rights in the United States since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.


Anger breeds violence breeds anger breeds violence

Totally identifying with Suzan-Lori Parks, though not African American but white Jewish Israeli, rage is part of the birthright many of us are heir to.


Ministers support electronic tagging law to fight domestic abusers

The proposal was submitted by Likud MK Keren Barak and won unanimous support.

What changes are governments making in response to George Floyd protests?

Protests over the death of George Floyd have prompted government and police officials across the US to enact changes aimed at showing demonstrators that their concerns are being heard.


Netanyahu's liberties crushed under the color of law – opinion

The Left could not accept that Netanyahu, whom they openly disdained and who championed policies and held beliefs much different from theirs, kept winning the support of the Israeli public.

Youth in Tulkarm distributing candies

Palestinians petition court to reroute 6 km. of security barrier

“We expect the High Court to make sure that where the fence is designed to dispossess Palestinians, rather than protect security, it will be dismantled”.

Violent clashes between police and residents of Bedouin village in Negev

Amid debates over annexation, the Negev experiences lawlessnes

And this in a geographic region where no one contests which law is applicable, or under whose sovereignty it rests.

Amir Ohana at a special cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights

Coronavirus restrictions may be tightened amid wave of infection

Government seeks legal authority to control public behavior in public and private spaces under the threat of a second coronavirus outbreak.

Trump orders FBI to expedite investigation into George Floyd's death

Experienced prosecutors and investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been assigned as part of a "robust" probe into whether the police officers involved had violated federal laws.


Benny Gantz vows to protect legal system

'Just like Israel needs a functioning government, it needs a strong and independent legal system.'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a speech at his Jerusalem office, regarding th

Netanyahu trial to open on Sunday

First serving PM in history to sit on defendants’ bench.

Trial of members of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s security services for crimes against humanity in

The Last Trial: Portraying the witness stand we all put ourselves on

The book plunges us into a trial and an exploration of various human desires – for sex, money, recognition, revenge – and the price that must be paid for them.

An Iranian Officer of Revolutionary Guards with Israel flag drawn on his boots

Iran progresses anti-Israel bill, plans to establish embassy in Jerusalem

Iranian MPs chanted "down with Israel" after the bill was approved


Court: Netanyahu trial will not be aired live

But due to corona it will be aired to reporters in next door courtroom.

Miss Hitler competition domain name cancelled by GoDaddy

The contest encouraged young women to send pictures of themselves with Nazi symbols and share their adoration of the German dictator.

Left-wing protester threatens to 'find' Yair Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu filed a complaint with Israel Police.

The High Court of Justice during a hearing

Kahana: The people of Israel vote Right and get a Left Supreme Court

“The Knesset attempted to pass a law defending the residents of south Tel Aviv three times already and the Supreme Court is trampling the will of the people,” Kahan said.

A mikveh [ritual bath]

Our proximity to holiness requires our utmost caution

The strict barriers put up between impurity and holiness mean that throughout their lives, humans will invariably be barred from approaching God’s presence in the holiest of places.


Gantz to appoint reps to judicial selection committee if no unity deal

The appointment of judges is a highly charged and sensitive issue for the right-wing.

Israel, US law-firms sue China for trillions over coronavirus

The lawsuits claim Chinese authorities are responsible for the coronavirus becoming a pandemic.

The enduring power of attorney in Israel

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a relatively new legal arrangement created as an amendment to the Guardian and Custodianship Law (1962).


Tel Aviv responds to anti-abortion ads with a feminist message

The ad space is handled by a private company, but the municipality responded to the anti-abortion message in its own way.

Police woman touched haredi men to force them confess, police fined

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men refrain from touching women or spending time with them in closed spaces, information the female cop used to make them identify themselves.


Elad Gabar, alleged pedophile, extradited to the US to face justice

Elad Gabar is accused of using the internet to blackmail 150 minors and of sexually assaulting 19 of them.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the Knesset, February 2020.

Netanyahu’s trial to open March 17

Gantz: Netanyahu cannot take care of citizens, he cares only about himself

Meetup for startups and entrepreneurs on how to 'due' diligence right

An experts panel on the subject of due diligence was moderated by Tamir Meiri, from Johnson & Johnson.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.

Bibi draws a rough hand on judges who will decide his fate - analysis

Judges Rivkah Friedman-Feldman and Oded Shaham are both considered on the tougher end of judges in terms of convictions and sentencing.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit and Likud MK Haim Katz

MK Haim Katz given immunity by Knesset

Former Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Haim Katz is suspected of breach of trust, claims he’s innocent and is being punished for something he never did.

A GLASS of wine is poured during a Jewish wedding ceremony.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow: A woman may break the glass at a wedding

The rabbi also suggests that women might be able to read the ketubah (ritual marriage contract).

Hangman’s noose

Shin Bet blamed for suicide of alleged Jewish informant, lawsuit filed

The family of the Jewish settler, who killed himself roughly two years ago, is suing the security service for 2.5 million NIS.

The IDF West Bank Courts continues to be disrupted by political and legal battle.

Maine posthumously pardons a framed Jewish attorney after he was framed

Donald Gellers' legal victories exposed the state’s abuses of the Passamaquoddy tribe and who state authorities framed as part of a conspiracy


The ICC and the Orwellian denial of Jewish presence in Israel

This announcement has sparked considerable reactions and commentaries on whether it was legally grounded or not.


Controversial documentary about Israeli lawyer to be shown on US television

The film will be available for streaming, as well as on the PBS Passport service for public television subscribers.

Israel’s international enforcers

When criminals attempt to flee the country - these men stop them

From the Holyland case to Ze’ev Rosenstein to ‘Rabbi’ Chen – Levertov and Blum blocked criminals from escaping justice through flight to other countries.

IDF SOLDIERS KEEP guard in the Jordan Valley earlier this year.

Plans for Israeli Jordan Valley annexation moving forward

Israeli law prohibits an interim government, such as the one headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from applying Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley or any part of the West Bank.

A TRUCK passes a small Israeli community in the West Bank

Settler council spending on West Bank housing needs court approval

The High Court of Justice has waited since mid-September for a delayed response from the settler councils and Amana on the matter.

A press photographer pictures the damage to the Hotel Park in Netanya in 2002.

Terror victims file NIS 20b. lawsuit against Arab Bank

The attacks include the 1995 Beit Lid Junction suicide bombing, the 1996 Dizengoff Center suicide attack and the 2002 Netanya Park Hotel Passover bombing, in which a total of 65 Israelis were killed.

Refusing to play the Palestinians’ ICC game

No more of Arafat’s ‘branch and gun’

2019’s achievements against antisemitism

Many valiant organizations and individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, continue to fight against the ongoing outbreak of antisemitism.

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney of U.S. President Donald Trump, testifies

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen seeks reduction in prison term

Cohen is serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institute in Otisville, New York, about 70 miles (113 km)northwest of New York City.

Efi Nave in court

Supreme Court rules against Efi Naveh in border fraud case

The new legal blow to Naveh comes just days after the state prosecution announced that it will likely indict him for bribery in a sex-for-judgeship scandal.

Naama Issachar lawyers to hold press conference discussing her situation

The conference will be held by Avi Himi and will focus on the efforts made so far to have her released from Russia.

Efi Nave in court

Efi Nave, judge to be indicted in sex for judgeship scandal

Nave is suspected of having sexual relationships with Eti Karif and with a female lawyer whose husband is a magistrate’s court judge and was seeking promotion to become a district judge.


MEDIA COMMENT: The trust gap

Our justice officials are very concerned about conflicts of interest.


Jewishness of egg-donation children cast into doubt

The rabbis of the rabbinical court rejected the position that the Jewish status of a baby is determined by the birth mother.

Fatou Bensouda

ICC to rule on 'War Crimes,' how will it rule post U.S decision? -analysis

The US announcement on settlements is not expected to be decisive regarding the International Criminal Court Prosecutor decision regarding Israel and alleged war crimes.

Ahead of decisions in Netanyahu’s cases: Nitzan postponed convention

The convention of top State Attorney officials was postponed after Maariv broke the story about a request Nitzan made to judges and prosecutors asking them to defend the State Attorney.


Personal injury compensation in the US: What you should know

Recovering after an injury is sometimes difficult and in cases where there is loss of life, no amount of money can ever replace a loved one.


Driver to compensate Yair Netanyahu for recording embarrassing conversation

Under Israeli law, it is legal for one person to record a conversation between that person and one other person even if the second person does not know.

In memoriam: Meir Shamgar: 1925 – 2019

In the army, he met his first wife, Geula Naveh. They got married in 1955. In 1956, he was appointed deputy military advocate-general, and became military advocate-general in 1961.

Former chief justice Meir Shamgar

The death of a giant of the law

Our friendship grew when he became a justice of the Supreme Court and then its president.

Law, no order

In January, Erdan decided to extend Cohen’s term for another four months, saying that a permanent appointment will come “when a coalition will be established, after the election.”

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