In Jerusalem

Oozing history

Zichron Moshe has been home to a number of influential individuals.

Laemel School
Some years ago I wrote an article about historic buildings in Jerusalem. I mentioned only a few, among them the Palace Hotel, the Alliance School and the Edison Theater. Sadly, all that remains of Alliance is the gate, but the Palace’s façade and some of its interior have been completely restored in the soon-toopen Waldorf Astoria Hotel. And the apartment that replaced the Edison – which oozed history but wasn’t that pretty to look at – was constructed with a few of the old theater’s original exterior features.

This week’s suggested Street Stroll takes you through Zichron Moshe, a residential quarter founded in 1906 with a religiously liberal, integrated and enlightened population. Quite a few historic edifices remain standing, but the atmosphere surrounding them and the people that inhabit them have significantly changed. Indeed, today almost all of the residents are haredi.

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