Weaving different worlds together

Beit Avi Chai’s director talks about his journey to Israel

July 14, 2017 17:37
Beit Avi Chai

Beit Avi Chai: A contemporary meeting point for Jewish and Israeli culture and ideas. (photo credit: SHAI GETSOFF/BEIT AVI CHAI)

In the heart of Jerusalem’s cultural scene, Beit Avi Chai held a weeklong celebration July 3 to 9, marking 10 years of activity. Since 2007, the institution has been at the forefront of bringing Israeli and Jewish culture and ideas to life through a wide variety of programming. Established by the Avi Chai Foundation, the four-story building designed by architect Ada Karmi is home to monthly events that feature leading artists, thinkers, educators, musicians, cultural personalities and intellectual figures who draw in diverse audiences.

The institution has also become home for Dr. David Rozenson, who came to Israel from Russia four years ago to serve as the executive director and CEO of Beit Avi Chai. Rozenson’s office at Beit Avi Chai is personalized with artwork, photographs and historical objects from both Russia and Israel.


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