Whose council is it anyway?

June 8, 2017 14:57
3 minute read.
Aaron Leibowitz

Yerushalmim chairman Aaron Leibowitz. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)

City councils (and parliaments in general) are a basic must in almost all societies (and not only in democratic systems), but too often tend to be the most disregarded bodies – and not only as a result of political aims. Strong leaders often tend to consider the debates that take place in such institutions, debates that are indeed sometimes long and fastidious, as obsolete or superfluous.

The Jerusalem City Council has met this kind of fate quite often in past decades, with variable results. Legendary mayor Teddy Kollek respected his council members, but veterans from that period say that in practice, he didn’t consult them too often. Mayor Ehud Olmert’s attitude was the closest thing to total disdain and his cynical remarks, equally addressed to members of his coalition as well as the opposition, revealed what he didn’t always bother to hide – that he held the council in little regard.


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