Iranian parliament representative Muhammad Nabavian said that Iran needs a nuclear bomb because of Israel.

“We don’t aspire to obtain a nuclear bomb, but it is necessary so we can put Israel in its place,” Nabavian said in a speech given on Friday and quoted by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).

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The Iranian Tasnim News Agency website, which first quoted Nabavian, later removed the comment about Iran needing a nuclear bomb, according to the MEMRI report.

Nabavian also revealed statements made to the Iranian parliament by President Hassan Rouhani, demonstrating that the US administration was pressing hard for a meeting with him.

“After I won the elections, [US President Barack] Obama relayed a message to me, [even] before [my September 2013] visit to New York.

The White House contacted me five times seeking a meeting. Now the question must be asked: Why does this superpower insist on meeting Iran’s president… while calling us a third-world [country]?” said Rouhani.

Rouhani then said, “During my journey to New York, I arrived at the hotel on Monday night and again they contacted me from the White House. I assembled the delegation accompanying me and we decided not to meet [with Obama].”

“They said to me, ‘Why did you humiliate Obama and America?’ and I said there was no humiliation. Here I recalled the words of the imam [Khomeini], who said that one must humiliate the infidel leaders,” said Rouhani according to the report.

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