Assad’s hollow crown

May 17, 2017 14:56

Jonathan Spyer reports from a regime sponsored tour of war-torn Syria and finds rampant antisemitism and empty rhetoric that fails to disguise the dictator’s flimsy grip on power.

Syria Aleppo

A poster placed by the Syrian authorities in western Aleppo shows a member of the security forces and reads ‘Aleppo is in our eyes’. (photo credit:JONATHAN SPYER)

THE MORTAR shells came early in the morning at about five. At regular intervals. Solemn and sinister. They were a reminder of how close it all was.

We were in the Damascus Old City. There was still fighting in Jobar, about two kilometers away. The rebels had also counter - attacked from the east, from the suburbs in eastern Ghouta, the previous week. A shell had landed in the precinct of the Umayyad Mosque.


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