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Innovations: Calling in a cloud
December 2, 2013 11:47
The concept behind CloudBand is essentially to build little data centers in a way that what is used is the best technology in the IT space, such as open-source programs, low costs servers.
CloudBand begun rolling out next generation of cloud-based platforms for telecom service providers

Calling in a Cloud. (photo credit:PEPE FAINBERG)

Large-Scale telecommunications base stations may soon be history. CloudBand, an Israeli unit of French telecom giant Alcatel-Lucent, has begun rolling out the next generation of cloud-based platforms for telecom service providers.

Today, a telecom service provider, such as Bezeq or Orange, needs to purchase and deploy dedicated boxes of hardware made by different vendors for every new service it wants to offer its clients. Rolling out these boxes takes a long time and the networks are complex to build and manage. First, the telecom provider has to estimate the peak demand for each one of these new services, and then it needs to purchase the boxes of hardware and stack them one on top of another to meet the demand, knowing all too well that they are actually going to run underutilized most of the time.


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