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Alive with history and tragedy
May 3, 2014 12:39
A visit to some of the sites to see what the Jewish defenders faced when the war’s outcome was still in doubt is a worthwhile experience.

SIGNS NEAR Kibbutz Tzova direct hikers to the Burma Road and historical markers along the route.. (photo credit:SETH J. FRANTZMAN)

Fuad Zuabi was in mourning.

His cousin, Detective Saleh Zuabi, had been killed a week and a half earlier. But work duties as a policeman called. A recently appointed sergeant, he was patrolling the same area of Haifa at six in the morning where his cousin had been killed, along Nazareth Road, when two men approached him. One cursed him in Arabic and then both drew revolvers and shot him seven times. Fuad didn’t die there; he was taken to the government hospital in Haifa, where he struggled for 12 hours.


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