The Jerusalem Post annual conference: 7 Israeli ministers will meet you there!
Amid roiling tensions in the Middle East, the Muslim-Jewish conference gears up for its fifth year
August 7, 2014 14:37
140 young community leaders from 35 countries will meet in Vienna for ‘elevating’ inter-religious dialogue, without an agenda.
Jewish Muslim

A jewish boy and Muslim woman walk during a city tour in an earlier Muslim Jewish Conference.. (photo credit:COURTESY MJC)

At the height of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Muslim-Jewish conference is gearing up for its fifth year of promoting interfaith understanding and cross-cultural dialogue among 140 young Muslims and Jews from 35 countries.

Set to take place in Vienna from August 7 to 14, its stated goals are to engage young Muslims and Jews, leaders in their communities, to establish intercultural relations and sustaining inter-religious partnerships.


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