The Yagur Stream

There are a number of wonderful trails along the Yagur Stream that weave through the trees and hills and include gushing waterfalls.

Mount Carmel as seen from Kibbutz Yagur.
Photo by: Wikimedia Commons
On the eastern side of Mount Carmel, the Yagur River winds its way through the hills and trees. The river, named after the nearby Kibbutz Yagur, includes a number of waterfalls and challenging hiking paths.

Another name for the river is Wadi Shomriya, and it is one of the many dry river beds in this mountainous area that fill up with water in the rainy season. Because the river flows through the mountains and is quite long, hikers need to climb up (or down) numerous steps along the path, and some of the waterfalls reach seven meters high.

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