My Passover cooking class

The haroset I chose for my class, like the haroset of my childhood, has walnuts, sweet wine and cinnamon. But instead of grated apples, it has several kinds of dried fruit, including a generous amount of dates.

Haroset Brownies
Photo by: YAKIR LEVY
When the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild recently invited me to teach a class on cooking for Passover, I found inspiration for the menu in our family’s traditional dishes.

For the main course, I chose a chicken dish that I think of as Yemenite-French. It’s based on my mother-in-law’s delicious Yemenite- spiced chicken. To the chicken’s braising sauce, I add a combination that has been a favorite of ours for the holiday of spring since the years we lived in Paris – carrots, asparagus and fresh herbs.

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