Trapping lone wolves

June 29, 2017 17:12

A new study sheds light on the growing threat of ‘lone wolf’ terrorism and what is behind it.

Manchester Arena attack

Women light candles for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack last month. (photo credit:REUTERS)

After the recent attack in Manchester, bombing experts speculated that the killer, Salman Abedi, was a “lone wolf” terrorist. It later emerged that he was known to the authorities, who had been warned about his radicalization. So how did he slip through the net? A new study seeks to shed light on cases like this.

Mark S. Hamm is a professor at Indiana State University who has written about terrorism and prisoner radicalization, spanning the period from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 to today. Ramon Spaaij is a sociologist from Victoria University in Melbourne and has studied diverse subjects from football hooliganism to lone wolf terrorism.


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