Israel’s Matrix Global has opened a new training center in Nanjing, China, that will provide training services to more than 500 Chinese IT companies, the company announced Wednesday.

“China is in the process of moving from a production economy to an innovation and R&D economy,” Matrix China CEO Yoav Chernitz said. “As part of this trend, the Chinese will focus on enhancing the level of training and know-how of their professional software employees.”

China spent more than $300 billion in 2013 on upgrading its IT, and it seems poised to only grow, according to Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group, a partner on the project.

“The Chinese are today focused on upgrading the level of their professional workforce in the field of software,” he said.

“The good reputation and the stability we’ve shown over time as a player in China have become an advantage to us when approaching Chinese companies or foreign companies operating in China that need software services.”

Matrix’s training division in China, called John Bryce, has trained more than 8,000 senior hi-tech engineers. It recently hired 50 of those trainees in its Development Center for Mobile Apps, launched last year in the City of Changzhou.

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