Christian In Israel

Irenaeus and Israel

It's amazing that Irenaeus could accept the adversus judaeus theology. Yet these notions eventually gave rise to the horrors of Christian anti-Semitism in the centuries that followed.

Oil painting of ‘Cain and Abel’ by Titian, 1544
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After Justin Martyr, the second “Church father” to consider in regard to the emergence of Christian anti- Semitism in the pre-Nicean era is Bishop Irenaeus, who lived from 135- 202 CE and served as bishop of Lyons.

Irenaeus is noted for his work Adversus Haereses (“Against Heresies”). Written in response to the heretic Marcion, he tried to prove the continuity of the two Testaments and that the God of the Old is also the God of the New. In Book 4, Chapter 4, he deals with the relationship between Jews and Gentiles.

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