Israeli Snacks

On the lighter side of cultural understanding.

Baby from Osem's peanut snack Bamba
Photo by: Osem website
Considering Purim is an indulgent holiday, “Top Ten” this month is D’’ash team’s favorite guilty pleasures in the Holy Land: Israeli snacks!

1. Bamba (במבה): We must mention Bamba first. This peanut butter-flavored, soft, puffed corn snack that melts in your mouth is one of the oldest Israeli snacks and still makes up 25% of the Israeli snack market!

2. Shalvah (שלווה): This wheaty wonder is not as sweet as wheeties, but it does the trick. Some healthy people eat it instead of cereal.

3. Krembo (קרמבו): Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats were originally made in Denmark. However, Israelis like to claim it as their own. Their version, “Krembo,” is the center of much debate: What do you eat first – the creamy top or the biscuit at the bottom?

4. Bissli (ביסלי): This salty treat is the second most popular Israeli snack. It is crunchy and tastes similar to fried pasta. Many Israelis claim the perfect snack combo is Bissli and Bamba with a Coke.

5. Twist (טוויסט): This candy bar is very dry. It is usually consumed by soldiers or old people. Who knows why?

6. Baflot (בפלות): This is the cheap bang-for-your-buck snack. You get 16 wafers for just over a dollar! Some like separating the wafers and licking the chocolate. However, others think this is gross. You be the judge!

7. Tropit (טרופית): This is basically the Israeli version of Capri Sun, or, a cheap foiled bag with juice in it. Lots of places that sell falafel give tropit for free as part of the deal. Oo… what a deal…

8. Cotton Candy (שערות סבתא): Okay, cotton candy is not actually an Israeli invention. However, I love the Hebrew name for it: it literally translates to “Grandma’s hair!” Actually, upon further reflection, that’s gross.

9. Shluk (שלוק): Also known as pop ice, this plastic wrapped frozen juice is a favorite among the kiddies. Slurp slurp!

10. Chocolad Parah (שוקולד פרי): These are the most popular chocolate bars. They come in various forms, including pop rocks. However, beware: there’s a joke that if you eat too much “chocolad” you’ll become a “parah,” or cow!

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