Fifty six years after the first Uzi was introduced, and after appearing in countless Hollywood movies, Israel Weapons Industries has revealed a new version of the legendary submachine gun.

Called the “Uzi Pro,” the new 9 mm.-caliber version of submachine gun was designed in conjunction with elite IDF units, which have combat experience from using the previous model – the Micro Uzi.

Over the years, more than 1.5 million Uzis have been manufactured. The IDF has purchased a limited number of Uzi Pros for evaluation and will decide in the coming months to order additional units for all of its special forces.

The new Uzi weighs 2.32 kg. and can be fitted with optical sights and a silencer. It uses a closed bolt providing maximum accuracy and safety and extends a mere 529 mm. with its stock fully extended.

The company said the Uzi Pro’s compact size made it ideal for undercover operations since it is easy to conceal.