A word in 46 languages

July 27, 2017 21:38

Translators of Amos Oz met the author for an open discussion of literature in translation.

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Israeli writer Amos Oz

Amos Oz. (photo credit: DANNY MECHLIS/BGU)

The De Button auditorium at Mishkenot Sha’ananim was packed even before the program started – exactly (which is unusual in this region) on time, at 7:30 p.m. for an encounter with six of the translators of the works of the world-renowned author Amos Oz.

Mishkenot Sha’ananim’s activism in promoting the field of translation and the discourse on translation in Israel has led to the establishment of a residency program that brings together different translators of a selected work of Israeli literature with the author of that work. The program seeks to enrich the translators’ perceptions of the world of the book through a weeklong conversation with its author, enabling a direct encounter not only with the author, but also with the reality surrounding him or her, helping to create a deeper knowledge of Israeli reality and history.


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